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Personal Profile


Personal Profile

My name is Mohammed Boussarhane, born in 17 August, 1969 in Rabat, Morocco.

I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics (Option : Numerical Analysis) in 1993 at

Mohammed V University, Morocco.

In 1995, I got a Diplomat of Computer and Management in Private Institute(ISP).

In 1996, I received a scholarship from Korean Government (NIIED : National Institute for

Education Development) for Master Studies.

From January 1997, I was involved during one year in learning Korean Language at

IIE(International Institute Education) of Kyung Hee University, seoul.

On March, 2001 I graduated with an MBA in Finance from

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

Now I'm working with Samsung Electronics CO.,LTD. Seoul, Korea. Overseas Management,

Strategic Marketing Team, Living Appliances Division.

You can also check my Resume(C.V).

Mohammed Boussarhane